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Bull-It Jeans let you ride in comfort, safety and style.

For those out there that advocate leathers over jeans, well so do we at Bull-it Jeans....when the time is right.

The truth is we all want to wear cool looking and cool feeling clothing when riding. So let's make it as safe and wickedly cool as we can! Slick jeans and breathable cotton jackets and hoodies Stronger than Leather that's the Bull-it way.

Bull-It Jeans Who We Are

We at Bull-it Jeans ride, we raced, we love bikes. We work with Superbike teams, Flat Track, Long Track, Speedway riders and stunt riders, not foretting the Fire department and Bike Safe Police Teams - all with one thing in common - people exposed to high speed offs, Bull-it and Covec work together as solution providers for all.

Working with Covec™ for 2011, we’ve been designing materials fit for the purpose, fit for Bikers.

Aramids are great yarns, but not the ones for Bike jeans. They have many weaknesses, degradation through hydrolysis, Flex bending (fatigue), yarn on yarn abrasion and UV, as long as you don't bend your knees or your butt, wash in warm water, use a washing machine or dry in the sun you will be fine.....

Other high performance yarns typically abbreviated High Modulus Polyethylene's (UHMPE or HMPE), probably the last thing you want in your pants, unless you like 3rd degree burns. It has high thermal conductivity and passes road heat (friction heat_ straight through to the skin, these are the fastest melting yarns.

Avoid Polyesters and Polyamides too for the main protection materials, that are some fancy material names out there right now, but apart from Covec there are no other materials invented purely for motorcycle long life performance.

Well, that’s what we at Bull-it Jeans are about. Bikers making technical clothing that looks the nuts for bike nuts.


Bull-it Jeans’ partner Covec™ Ltd is a company focused on ‘Technical Textiles’. These are textiles made from yarns with engineered solutions. They can be synthetic fibres mixed with natural fibres or engineered synthetic fibres produced to meet performance criteria.

The definition of the category ‘Technical Textiles’ being;

    • Technical – Having special skill or practical knowledge especially in a mechanical or scientific field.

    • Textiles – Interestingly from the Latin, from neuter of textilis meaning woven. ‘Textile’ in its modern understanding also includes knitted and can incorporate fibre and yarn within the definition.

The Company boasts a wide range of experience, from professional motor sport to senior management and development in the PPE sector of the construction industry. This provides the focus and practical experience needed to deliver the final product. On a technical level we have our own chemical engineers and work closely with the scientists that manufacture our chosen ‘Super Fibre’.

The company shares a philosophy with the UK government regarding industry and training. We have the technical knowledge in the UK through its existing mills, fibre engineering companies and historic global expertise to deliver the highest level of performance related materials in the world.

Covec™ Ltd is currently embarking on a shared knowledge partnership which will further develop the potential of the various materials we produce.


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